Team Rosberg ends ADAC GT Masters program with Lamborghini

In the winter months following the final of the ADAC GT Masters season 2018, Team Rosberg took the time to reflect on its customer sports program. After considering all aspects and meeting Lamborghini, Team Rosberg has decided to put the GT program on hold and to not extend the collaboration with Lamborghini. “We would like to thank Lamborghini for the opportunities they have given us. It was an honour for us to work with them,” says Arno Zensen.

Rosberg’s GT team already took part in ADAC GT Masters as long ago as 2009. Since the beginning of the racing series, many things have changed and no longer harmonize with the customer sports philosophy of the team. “As a team we race to fight for championships and with the direction that GT racing has taken one needs a professional driver pairing and this was not achievable in this constellation.”