Jarama, Day 2 : Spanish suspens

There was a big tension during the last laps of the 4H GT/LMP/PFV Endurance race at Jarama. The same thing happened during the Sprint CN and Single Seater races but also in the qualifying session of the European Challenge Proto Endurance.

4H GT/Touring/LMP/PFV

LMP/PFV : Inter Europol Competition sees double

Not as successful as the Normas M30 Duqueine Engineering and DB Autosport during the free practice and then in qualifying, Inter Europol Competition turn the situation to their advantage and win again, just like they did at Portimao. The #22 Ligier JS P3 driven by Smiechowski and Still wins over the Ligier #33 driven by Scheuschner, Ledermair and Elkmann.

The victory of the #22 is undeniable but the #33 had to put a lot of effort in order to get to 2nd position. They were 4th just 15 minutes before the finish, coming ahead of the Ligier #39 Graff driven by Trouillet, Gauvin and Deguffroy. They dealt the final blow to the Norma #20 DB Autosport driven by Foubert, Wolff and Maulini. Few seconds later, the #39 challenges the #20. The manœuvre is successful and Graff wins its 4th podium in five races. N’Race complets the Top 5 thanks to the performance of Fontaine, Decultot and Perroy who resist to the Normas M30 Duqueine Engineering.

In the Prestige, the victory goes to the Ligier #7 Wintec driven by Denis, Héry and Boulain.

GT/Touring : Visiom is ready

The Visiom’s Ferrari 488 GT #1 stays victorious after the holiday. What a surprise for the trio Pagny, Perrier and Bouvet who seemed to be on their way to victory during the last hour, and then relegated to second position due to a tyre blowout!

The Ferrari 458 GT3 #44 CMR driven by Loger, Mouez and Reymond is 2nd again and stays in the provisional overall.

Le duo Van de Vyver / Thibaud together in the Renault R.S.01 #11 is 3rd on the podium at the expense of the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 #46 driven by Teneketzian and De Narda before they abandoned the race. The SF17 V8 Charriol #96 Solution F driven by Charriol, Ollivier and Pourquie wins in the S1 while the Ginetta #30 CMR driven by Driot, S. and F. Quesada achieves a great performance in the GTV4.

4H Proto Endurance : Pole position goes to leaders

First in the provisional overall since Barcelona, Vilarino, Ferté and Illiano, together in the Norma M20 FC #2 TFT get the pole position with a 0’’065 difference from the Norma #22 DB Autosport driven by Delafosse, Vaucher and Accary. The gap is very narrow and the Norma #14 CD Sport driven by Bole Besançon / Scheier / Taittinger finishes 3rd in the ranking while the Norma #66 RC Formula driven by Richard / Papin / Pedraza is ranked 4th in the Prestige.

DB Autosport closes the Top 5 with the Norma #21 driven by Bassora / Monclair / Schatz, ahead of TFT and the #8 driven by Capillaire / Creed / Melnikov. The Normas #31 CD Sport driven by Cochet / Kirchdoerffer / Faure, #6 TFT driven by Bazaud / Thirion / Caillon, the #42 Equipe Palmyr driven by Kubryk / Faggionato / Weil and the #40 Equpe Palmyr driven by Mondolot / Zollinger / Segers are all in the Prestige.